about our chiropractic office  Evergreen Park, IL

Our chiropractic practice focuses on the “wellness” of our clients. This means providing excellent care for the client and the loved ones in their life. We accomplish this by addressing the physical, nutritional, and emotional needs that contribute to their overall wellness so that they can live their best lives. We provide the highest quality care by establishing wellness throughout every stage of life from infancy to the client’s senior years. We find the interference from the client’s nervous system that is preventing their body from functioning optimally.

When we treat a client by removing that interference through the adjustment, it affects every cell, tissue, organ, and gland in the human body connected to that nerve source. However, any dysfunction and/or subluxation of the spine thereby affecting a nerve will not always present itself as pain but it can manifest symptoms such as a fever, sinusitis, insomnia, stomach issues, and poor concentration, just to name a few examples.


A client with constant ringing in his ears came to our practice after being told by other physicians that they didn’t know what was wrong and had given up on him. After a battery of tests provided no specific outcome, he thought he would have to live with the ringing in his ears forever. As a last resort, he chose chiropractic and was referred to our practice.

After his first adjustment, the ringing stopped which was the first time he experienced that in years. Additionally, he had unexplained fevers that we addressed and were decreased with ongoing therapy.

Now, his entire family is under our care with his son starting treatment when he was one month old. This is just one example of how the power of chiropractic helped this particular client and his family.